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Flash Fight

Action - Free

Fight with your Friends  

It is time for the fight of our lives.Choose a map and battle against your friends and/or random opponents.Grab the best weapon of your choice. Jump or teleport in the designated power-lift or portal to escape during critical times.Do not forget that you can heal yourself when injured and collect ammunition when you are running out. Most importantly, be careful; friends can become enemies during the match.

Explore the Maps


Mechanical Map


Fight Jump

Magic Map

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" I stumbled across this app and ever since I began playing I can't stop. This app is so entertaining I had to share it with my friend and even they enjoyed it. I'm so exited to see what more this game will have. Awesome game "



" I like the I am able to customize my characters. I love the I can play with my friends and chat with them"

Antonio Garcia

"This game is amazing, it's a fighting game which I love.I wish the next update would be more characters to select from."

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