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Emoji City

ARE YOU UP TO THE CHALLENGE! Let's see if you can be the fastest TAPPER OF ALL TIME.In this game, YOUR challenged is to save your phone's screen.When your score go up, then there will be multiple CRAZY emojis trying to CRACK your screen. So are you up for the challenge? You will find out SOON!

Screen Shot 2022-01-12 at 10.25.09 PM.png

Preview of the Emoji City


Customer Review

" This is a good calming game to play on free time.Unlike other game I don't get stressed or annoyed in this one. I like the past increase and the amount or increase of the emojis and you get farther in the game."

                                                                        -  Puffdrip

" This game is so addicting ! When it gets challenging as the game goes on make it more fun to play. This game is fun to play whenever I'm bored in the subway."


" I love this game, it is absolutely addicting! This is such a simply yet fun game, and I would recommend this game to everyone I know. This is fun to play during a break, on the train."

                                                                        -  Puffdrip

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