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Candy Eaten

Adventure - Free

  Explore Candy World

Snipper and Snapper wants to see how much candies you can catch. Eat the candies, but do not eat the bombs. The candy corn shooter has been infected blue, do not eat the blue candy corns that will follow you. If you are up for a challenge, test your skills with Snapper Mode.


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Customer Review

Customer Review

"This game is so cool and wonderful I'm always finding myself playing this game in my free time or in the car of how awesome this game is.Great game."
"this game is amayzing i love it is hard and challenging. i got a high score of 7! I say that the game is the best 4 people who like hard gaming challenges along the way. and I love the scoreboard cuz it makes it more challenging.! "
"Very fun to play in any free time and takes me to a different world when playing this game."

Ali Chaaban



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